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Fall Touches in Our Home

At this time of year, I like to add a few touches of the fall season to our apartment. I prefer decorating for fall with fresh, natural items, mixing them with other decor elements. This year, I used pumpkins, chrysanthemums, and pears, among other things. I employed blue and white whenever I could and kept…… Continue reading Fall Touches in Our Home

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My Five Favorite Summer Home Accessories

I don’t do much to change my home’s decor in the summer, but I do add a few items to make the apartment feel a bit lighter and fresher for the season. I mostly add items that have a coastal feel. Here are my favorites: Sea Shells Whenever we go to the beach, I bring…… Continue reading My Five Favorite Summer Home Accessories

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DIY: Reupholstering an X-Bench (No Sewing!)

For a while, we didn’t have a designated chair for our secretary desk in the living room.  I would just pull up a chair from another part of the room when I wanted to work at the desk. I got tired of this and decided that I wanted some kind of small stool to permanently…… Continue reading DIY: Reupholstering an X-Bench (No Sewing!)

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Small Changes in our Home and a New Camera

Remember when I did Tuesday Tours of our apartment in January and February? A few little things have changed in the apartment since then, so I thought I’d share some updated photos with you. I purchased a DSLR camera recently (the Canon EOS Rebel T6), so the quality of my photos should start to improve.  I…… Continue reading Small Changes in our Home and a New Camera

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Our Laundry Room/Maid’s Bathroom

When we first moved into our apartment, 17 years ago, we didn’t have a laundry room. I would have to schlep down to our building’s basement and do the laundry in our building’s communal laundry room. Although it is a very nice and clean laundry room, with ample washers and dryers, it was inconvenient. This…… Continue reading Our Laundry Room/Maid’s Bathroom

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Chair Options for the Dining Room

Don’t tell anyone, but I am committing a huge decorating sin in my dining room. I have a dining room set that has a table with matching chairs and a buffet! This of course is a major decorating faux pas—as we all know, we should avoid sets of furniture, because it is more visually interesting…… Continue reading Chair Options for the Dining Room