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A Look at Dutch Doors

There is something very appealing about a dutch door. When the weather starts to get warm it must be wonderful to open the top half of your door and let the sunshine and breeze flow inside your home. Dutch doors have been popular in this country since colonial times. They were commonly used as front…… Continue reading A Look at Dutch Doors

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Design Dilemma: What to do if You Lack a Foyer

A friend was recently expressing how frustrating it is to have a house where the front door opens directly into the living room. It seems that most of the homes built in Chicago in recent years are designed that way. While these homes often have mudrooms by the back door, where people would enter the home from the…… Continue reading Design Dilemma: What to do if You Lack a Foyer

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Adding Artwork to Our Foyer

Our elevator foyer had never seemed quite “finished” to me, but not for lack of effort and attention. I had changed the paint, rug and mirror and changed the upholstery and added pillows on the bench. I liked it, but I never loved it. Here is how the foyer looked until a few days ago. Recently, I…… Continue reading Adding Artwork to Our Foyer