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A Favorite Fabric: Buffalo Check

One of my favorite prints is buffalo check. Buffalo check is similar to gingham, but the checks are much larger. Buffalo check fabric comes in all colors and works well in both contemporary and traditional designs.  One of its best features is that it works beautifully with most other prints and florals. Here are some…… Continue reading A Favorite Fabric: Buffalo Check

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Recipe for my Favorite Drink this Summer: Mint Lemonade

As part of a school project on Turkey this past spring, my seventh grader decided to serve her classmates Turkish mint lemonade. She found a recipe that I modified, and we absolutely loved it. It is the most refreshing drink on a hot summer day, and, if you like mint and lemons, I guarantee you…… Continue reading Recipe for my Favorite Drink this Summer: Mint Lemonade

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My Five Favorite Summer Home Accessories

I don’t do much to change my home’s decor in the summer, but I do add a few items to make the apartment feel a bit lighter and fresher for the season. I mostly add items that have a coastal feel. Here are my favorites: Sea Shells Whenever we go to the beach, I bring…… Continue reading My Five Favorite Summer Home Accessories

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Large-Scale Bird Prints

As you may have concluded from photos of our apartment in prior posts, I love birds. I have framed bird prints and small bird statues all over the apartment. What I don’t have yet, but absolutely adore, are large-scale framed bird prints. I am especially fond of those by early 19th century ornithologist and painter…… Continue reading Large-Scale Bird Prints

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Block Printed Fabric from Les Indiennes

There are many beautiful block printed fabrics that are handmade in India. I am especially liking those from a fabric company called Les Indiennes, which was founded in 2002 by Mary Mulcahy.  The company makes its products in India using ancient block printing methods, employing hand carved teak blocks and organic cotton and dyes. Here…… Continue reading Block Printed Fabric from Les Indiennes

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Decorating With Vintage Silver Trophies

Something that I have started looking for when I am strolling through thrift stores and antique stores is vintage silver trophies. I have always liked vintage silver pieces, and I especially like the shapes that trophies come in. The inscriptions and dates on the trophies make them interesting conversation pieces. Thus far, I have only…… Continue reading Decorating With Vintage Silver Trophies

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Links for the Weekend – 5/27/17

Happy weekend!  I hope you will all enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend. Let’s hope for good weather! 1. To keep with the wedding theme from last week’s links, did you see the photos of Pippa Middleton’s gorgeous wedding? The dress, the church, the children, the flowers…Perfection! 2. Massucco Warner Miller designs stunning interiors. (I couldn’t choose…… Continue reading Links for the Weekend – 5/27/17