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Monday Inspiration: Toile de Jouy

Growing up in a small revolutionary war era town in New England, I saw lots of homes decorated with Toile de Jouy.  Toile de Jouy, often abbreviated as toile, is pronounced “twall.” It means cloth from Jouy-en-Josas,  a suburban Paris town where this fabric was produced in the 18th century.  Toile is a pattern of fabric or…… Continue reading Monday Inspiration: Toile de Jouy

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Mad For Plaid

Many years ago, during my first job after college, I worked in New York City for Bloomingdale’s in their buyers’ training program. I spent much of my time there working in the women’s Ralph Lauren department, and I think that’s where I developed an affection for plaid. Tartan evokes a feeling of tradition and nostalgia.…… Continue reading Mad For Plaid

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Inspired by Blue Velvet

Velvet evokes feelings of glamour, luxury, and warmth. There is nothing like curling up in a velvet chair on a cold night. When you wear something made of velvet, you feel elegant and refined.  Blue velvet, in particular, is a rich and sumptuous fabric that elevates any outfit or living space. As the weather is…… Continue reading Inspired by Blue Velvet

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A Favorite Fabric: Buffalo Check

One of my favorite prints is buffalo check. Buffalo check is similar to gingham, but the checks are much larger. Buffalo check fabric comes in all colors and works well in both contemporary and traditional designs.  One of its best features is that it works beautifully with most other prints and florals. Here are some…… Continue reading A Favorite Fabric: Buffalo Check

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Using Identical Wallpaper and Fabric

As I have been looking at designer showhouses lately, I have noticed many rooms that feature identical wallpaper and fabric. Here is an example—a bedroom designed by Sarah Bartholomew—from the 2017 Southeastern Showhouse in Atlanta: Here, in the same Southeastern Showhouse, is a corner of a room in which designer Amy Berry used matching wallpaper…… Continue reading Using Identical Wallpaper and Fabric

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DIY: Reupholstering an X-Bench (No Sewing!)

For a while, we didn’t have a designated chair for our secretary desk in the living room.  I would just pull up a chair from another part of the room when I wanted to work at the desk. I got tired of this and decided that I wanted some kind of small stool to permanently…… Continue reading DIY: Reupholstering an X-Bench (No Sewing!)

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Block Printed Fabric from Les Indiennes

There are many beautiful block printed fabrics that are handmade in India. I am especially liking those from a fabric company called Les Indiennes, which was founded in 2002 by Mary Mulcahy.  The company makes its products in India using ancient block printing methods, employing hand carved teak blocks and organic cotton and dyes. Here…… Continue reading Block Printed Fabric from Les Indiennes