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Using Blue and White Plates as Wall Art

Using pretty china plates as wall art is hardly a new idea.  In fact I am fairly certain that many in my grandmothers’ generation hung china plates on the walls in their homes. Recently, I was moving things around in one of the hallway spaces adjoining our elevator foyer,  and I ended up  with some…… Continue reading Using Blue and White Plates as Wall Art

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Friday Finds: 8•25•17

Summer is going by too quickly. My daughter started 8th grade this week, and fall is in the air here in Chicago. Have you noticed all the Halloween and fall merchandise on display in the stores? I’m not ready for that! Here are this week’s Friday finds: A colorful and traditional interior design portfolio   A…… Continue reading Friday Finds: 8•25•17

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Blue and White China Patterns

There are so many gorgeous china patterns to choose from! One color combination that I gravitate to is blue and white—classic and timeless. Blue and white china has been popular in Europe since the 17th century, when it was imported to Europe from China, and in America since the 18th century. Owning a set of…… Continue reading Blue and White China Patterns