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An Eclectic Yet Traditional South Carolina Island Home Tour

A few years ago in Southern Living magazine, I came across an early 20th century brick Palladian style home located on an island near Charleston, South Carolina.  Despite the traditional and historic brick exterior, the interior was a surprise in that it was much more rustic than one would expect. The interiors are covered in wood paneling, and there are ceilings with exposed wooden beams giving the appearance of a hunting lodge rather than a formal plantation-style home.  The home was purchased by young designer Matthew Bees as a getaway.  Bees embraced the dichotomy of the interior and exterior and merged the styles to create a wonderful and eclectic mix, which includes formal and traditional antiques, exotic textiles, and natural wonders.

Here is the historic brick home surrounded by large oak trees covered in Spanish moss:


The peaceful grounds near the water:


Below is the foyer, with its interesting mix of traditional etchings, global textiles, and an Indian brass tray against a wall of warm and rustic cypress wood:


The designer mixes traditional, modern, and bohemian styles in each room.  The living room includes exotic and colorful textiles combined with European antiques and art:


Notice the overlapping and aged Oriental rugs, the layering of global textiles, and the formal portraits intermixed with modern paintings:


The dining room has a combination of eclectic textures and materials including rattan, brick, wood, and fabrics. I love the fantastic baskets fitted as light fixture shades:



More interesting layers of materials, patterns, and styles:


The stair landing:


The game room is a mix of preppy and nautical red, white, and blue upholstery and art. As a nod to the southern hunting lodge style of the home, the designer includes animal elements including heads, antlers, and hide rugs along with bone inlay furnishings:




The bedrooms, with their layers of global textiles and antiques, are the most bohemian in style:





Matthew Bees on his front steps:


The home is full of fascinating details and layers that I would love to explore in person. It is exotic, polished, and sophisticated, yet cozy and inviting.  According to a recent Matthew Bees Instagram post, he is in the process of decorating a new house on this same island. I will look forward to seeing it!

All photos are from Southern Living

8 thoughts on “An Eclectic Yet Traditional South Carolina Island Home Tour

  1. I love the symmetry and the layering, so tastefully done, but am surprised that they kept the wood paneling — the whole place, or at least select rooms, would look so different if the paneling had been whitewashed!

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  2. Definitely NOT a place I’d want to live or even visit. The exterior is gorgeous, but the so-called “eclectic” look is more mish-mash than anything else. The owner/decorator is quite young and well-off. Perhaps he’ll develop elegant taste as he matures. I know these are harsh statements but it is painful to see beautiful properties ruined with inappropriate decor. Even more painful to read statements glorifying said horrendous decor as “polished” , “exciting”, or ” fascinating”.


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