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A Charming 17th Century English Rectory Home Tour

I adore movies and books that are set in England.  On Sunday nights you can find me in front of the television watching Masterpiece Classics on PBS–my favorite of the shows are English period pieces.  Having recently rewatched the movie version of Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time last weekend I have been thinking about beautiful historic homes in the countryside of England.

After some poking around on the internet I found a gorgeous 17th century rectory in House and Garden UK to share with you. The beautiful brick historic home is Georgian in style and is located on fourteen scenic acres of fields, woodland, and gardens in the countryside of England.  The home was sadly gutted by a fire several years ago (caused by faulty wiring in a lamp). The owners took on an extensive one year renovation and worked to recreate their old home with some new improvements.

Architects and engineers were hired to oversee the rebuilding of the home, and the interior designer that was hired for the renovation of the inside of the home was London-based Melissa Wyndham.  Many of the owners’ antiques and furnishings were salvaged, repaired, and reupholstered but many items were too damaged and had to be replaced.  The owners wanted the home to feel the same as their old one did and they didn’t want it to feel overly decorated.  Wyndham consulted with a furniture historian to renovate the home in a historically sensitive manner. The designer stayed away from anything that was too matchy, preferring things to look like they had evolved over time.

The result is quite beautiful and you would be hard-pressed to tell that it is new.

The home’s exterior, after the rebuild:


The entrance hall:


The new drawing room, features original paintings and mirrors that have been restored, and new curtains (fabric by Robert Kime) and new chair and sofa upholstery (fabrics by Claremont):



The dining room:


The new sky-blue kitchen:


The breakfast room:


Pretty blue bedrooms:




Animal print wallpaper in a bathroom:


The homeowner watering her lovely garden:


Didn’t the homeowners do a wonderful job rebuilding? They recreated such a charming and inviting home.

All photos are from House and Garden UK

14 thoughts on “A Charming 17th Century English Rectory Home Tour

  1. I’m not a huge fan of English decor I find them to be over the top color and flowers and rather cluttered, but I have to say this home is gorgeous! I love the mix of colors and flowers that are used in a very tasteful way with lots of empty wall space to enjoy the decor. I love the blue kitchen, the living room, and the dining room. Beautfiul home and beautful photos. Thanks for the post.

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