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An Elegant, Traditional Home in Birmingham

What some of you might not realize is that I publish this blog in collaboration with my 14-year-old daughter. Although the writing is mine, many of the blog post ideas come from her. Today’s post is one of those. My daughter was browsing through interior designer portfolios online and found a house tour that, she said, “made my heart happy.”  How could I not share a home that received such high praise?  Fortunately, my daughter and I have similar tastes, and I was as taken with the home as she was.

Today’s featured home is located in Birmingham, Alabama. When I first saw photographs of the home, I assumed it was old, but it turns out that the home was built only a few years ago. The architect James F. Carter designed the home as a residence for himself.  He incorporated many elements from classic and historic architecture and created a new dwelling that has the character and charm of an old house. Carter’s attention to detail is extraordinary–every last nook appears to have been designed with thought and care. His friend Jane Hawkins Hoke helped him with decorating the home. Together, Carter and Hoke, using Carter’s collection of beautiful art and antiques, created a traditional and elegant residence full of historic character.







The moldings and woodwork are quite extraordinary in the living room:james-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-020.jpg


james-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-019.jpgTh octagonal dining room:james-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-011.jpgjames-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-012.jpgjames-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-014.jpgjames-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-013-1.jpg





This stair landing library is fantastic!james-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-007.jpgjames-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-010.jpgjames-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-009.jpg

How charming is this little green study!?james-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-008.jpgjames-f-carter-birmingham-house-habituallychic-025.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.47.54 PM.png


Were you fooled like I was—or could you tell that this was a new home?

8 thoughts on “An Elegant, Traditional Home in Birmingham

  1. I love that you do this with your daughter – @elizabethandpayne is my collab with my daughter, Mollie. So I think this is fabulous. I think this house is amazing and I would have never known it wasn’t an old Southern home. I’ll be looking through these images more than once to take it all in! Good job ladies!

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