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A Charming Cottage Home Tour

When I saw this tiny cottage in Country Living Magazine last year, I fell in love with everything about it. This home, located in Redlands, California, is 970 square feet and was built in 1890 as the gardener’s cottage on an estate. Janet Korff, who writes the lifestyle blog The Gardener’s Cottage, and her husband, on a quest to downsize about a decade ago, purchased the run-down and unoccupied property and turned it into a charming gem of a property. Janet loves vintage finds, and she filled the home with inexpensive thrifted items, proving that you can create a gorgeous home full of character without spending extravagantly.

The front yard is adorned with beautiful rose bushes:


The small front porch, below, adds square footage to the home, as it has all the amenities of another living space. Notice that Janet used interior furnishings for this outdoor space—the painted blue dresser for added storage, the Persian rug, and the pretty blue and white plates on the wall behind the wicker sofa. The painted striped floor makes the tiny porch seem wider.clx040116wellkorff_02_3.jpg

To make the small interior spaces in the home feel larger and lighter, most rooms were painted white (Benjamin Moore’s Simply White).  The majority of the window treatments and upholstery are also white, with pops of red, white, and blue added throughout the home. The seagrass rugs and bamboo blinds add texture to the rooms without creating visual clutter. The home is full of natural light.


To save space, a wicker desk is used in lieu of a dining table:


There was no photo of the living room included in the Country Living article, but here are three views of the living room from Janet’s Instagram feed:

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 3.42.43 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 2.21.20 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 3.49.10 PM.png

The 100-square-foot white kitchen, pictured below, is full of style. The antique chandelier, the oil painting,  the silver pitcher, and the lamp elevate this functional space.


Open shelving enhances the sense of airiness in the kitchen and makes the room look more spacious, while wicker baskets break up all the white and add texture and practical storage:

This well-organized, tidy pantry with bead board walls and open shelves is bright and airy:


The cozy blue and white master bedroom:clx040116wellkorff_03_2.jpg

A curtain, rather than a door, regulates the entryway to the bathroom:


The small office full of vintage patriotic treasures is the only room in the home that isn’t white:


I just love Janet’s blue and white dress with pagodas–she is a kindred spirit!clx040116wellkorff_08_2.jpg

Isn’t Janet’s cottage perfectly charming?

Unless otherwise stated, all photos are by Roger Davies for Country Living Magazine


11 thoughts on “A Charming Cottage Home Tour

    1. Janet is so skilled and she is a great treasure hunter just like you! The Country Living article omitted mentioning her blog so I didn’t discover it until I was doing my research for this post yesterday. I will be a regular visitor to the Gardener’s Cottage from now on! Thanks Marcie for your thoughtful comment!💙


  1. So many charming details in this cottage! thanks for sharing! I love the exterior and how many different finds come together so harmoniously. Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune for sure…

    Liked by 1 person

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