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Fall Inspiration from P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm

When I lived in Nashville over 20 years ago, I enjoyed watching Southern garden and design expert P. Allen Smith’s gardening and cooking segments on the local news. Smith’s enthusiasm and expertise about all things garden-related are infectious and engaging. In the two decades since I moved north from Nashville, Smith has built an empire encompassing garden and cooking shows on PBS and the numerous books he has authored, but I hadn’t thought much about him until recently, when I began following him on Instagram. The photos of his gardens and farm at his Arkansas estate Moss Mountain Farm make me want to pack up and move to the South again!

Moss Meadow Farm is located on the Arkansas River about half an hour away from Little Rock. The estate is made up of over 500 acres and includes Smith’s beautiful home that he built to resemble an 1840s farmhouse. It also includes many barns and cottages and acres of gorgeous gardens. The estate is open to the public and intended to be a source of inspiration and education.

The balance of this post presents some photographs of Moss Meadow Farm, many of which were taken during the fall and are sure to provide some autumn inspiration.

An aerial view of the farm:


Smith’s home, clearly inspired by historic American architecture:

Sweet Southern Blue

Smith has many animals on his farm:

Pretty Pink Tulips

Interesting pumpkin topiaries:

The Army Mom

Smith’s front door decorated for fall:

Southern Living

This pumpkin house is incredible:

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 5.47.58 PM.png

Isn’t the barn door pictured below pretty? The stacked bales of hay and pumpkins make for a festive entrance:


A pretty outbuilding:


What a beautiful setting for a fall party!4254c96d7314e421c41105f04a60edbe.jpg

A look at the extensive gardens:p-allen-gardens-1.jpg

The entrance hall of Smith’s home decorated for fall with large silver punch bowls full of mini pumpkins:

P. Allen Smith

Smith’s home is a blend of old and new furnishings. Notice all the touches of pumpkin orange in the decor. The large squash paintings on the wall pictured below were painted by Smith.  Is there anything that the man can’t do?!


The artist at work:

Julie D. Kohl
The Army Mom

Smith designed this brilliant pumpkin floral centerpiece:

P. Allen Smith

Smith had this small guest cottage built using environmentally friendly building methods and materials:

Southern Living
Southern Living

The entrance to the cottage:

Southern Living

The cottage living room:


Southern Living

The cottage dining room:

Southern Living

The cottage kitchen:

Southern Living

If you would like to learn more about P. Allen Smith and Moss Mountain Farm, visit the website.

I think a trip to Arkansas might be in my future!

13 thoughts on “Fall Inspiration from P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm

  1. How fun, I believe he has helped Cristopher Spitzmiller with the landscaping at Clove Brook Farm …I can see quite a few similarities, like the botanical prints and dovecote! Thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

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