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Elegant and Classic Interiors by Cathy Kincaid

Dallas-based interior designer Cathy Kincaid has been designing homes for over 30 years. Her designs are classic, timeless, and always elegant and traditional.  I was perusing her portfolio recently and came across many gracious and inspiring rooms.  She often uses blue and white in her designs and mixes patterns and colors confidently.  The rooms she designs have many layers and details, and I could study each one for hours!

Today, I share with you some of my favorite spaces designed by Cathy Kincaid.

This Gracie wallpaper is one of the prettiest patterns I have ever seen; the soft and feminine colors and furnishings are serene and lovely:gracie-wallcoverings-living-room-aviary-prints.jpg


The Zuber wallpaper below in the New York City apartment pictured below was left by the previous owner, and Cathy Kincaid worked with it in her design for the new owners.  Kincaid employs beautiful antiques, porcelains, textiles, prints and paintings in her rooms, giving the spaces a rich, luxurious, and collected quality:




The banquette covered in Bennison striped fabric is appealing in this light and pretty space:


A lattice-covered wall makes this dining room seem like it is in a garden:a0b26adeee0e0af0485714690bc7d15e.jpg

Kincaid’s tasteful decor complements the stunning architecture of this orangery (a place to keep orange trees in the winter):



In many of Kincaid’s rooms, she hangs blue and white plates on the walls or displays them on decorative brackets:




A Turkish-inspired dining room by Kincaid features D. Porthault linens:


Cathy Kincaid’s bedrooms are particularly attractive. She uses beautiful linens, which are often monogrammed, and incorporates custom canopies and elaborate bedding elements. She combines many different patterns to create an interesting mix.


Kincaid is a designer who clearly isn’t afraid of pattern! Notice how the fabric and wallpaper, by Sister Parish, in the Kincaid-designed room pictured below are identical in pattern:d2e32ee502a49665a59064bc03e1ea77.jpg

This is a sweet and peaceful bedroom:050a3802a8a2ec8854a1114cc8a1cbba.jpg

Aren’t these pretty details?

This simple farmhouse-style bedroom might be my favorite of Kincaid’s bedroom designs:8e13c0b6cba0d6ebbf091250ea26d157.jpg

A blue and white floral bedroom with matching fabric and wallpaper:


Cathy Kincaid’s designs are classically elegant and will stand the test of time.

Photos are from Pinterest

8 thoughts on “Elegant and Classic Interiors by Cathy Kincaid

  1. I just love Cathy Kincaid and her bold approach pattern, she’s one talented lady! Her latest project published in Veranda is one of my favorites… Have a lovely day, Elizabeth!


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