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Fall Touches in Our Home

At this time of year, I like to add a few touches of the fall season to our apartment. I prefer decorating for fall with fresh, natural items, mixing them with other decor elements. This year, I used pumpkins, chrysanthemums, and pears, among other things. I employed blue and white whenever I could and kept things simple, incorporating the fall seasonal decor in only a few rooms—the ones that we use most often.

Our elevator foyer:

IMG_3886.JPGThe entrance hall, in which I added the mums and leopard-print velvet pillows for fall:IMG_3918.JPG



In the living room, pictured below, I decorated the ornamental fireplace. I keep the fireplace sparsely decorated in the summer, so I enjoyed adding a few more layers to both the mantle and the inside of the fireplace to cozy it up a bit for the fall season:



Adding brass and gold elements, like these vintage brass candlesticks, the modern decorative orb, and the antique books with gold lettering, adds warmth to the space:




I tried several variations for the fireplace interior:




The kitchen:



Blue and white cotton plaid napkins like those pictured below are currently in the dollar spot section at Target at a price of $3 for a two pack!


My daughter has had so much homework that she hasn’t had a chance to paint me a chinoiserie pumpkin, so I decided to give it a try (don’t laugh!):


The family room:




The seasonal additions to the family room include a faux antler on the coffee table:



Thanks so much for stopping by today.  How do you decorate for fall in your home?


28 thoughts on “Fall Touches in Our Home

  1. What fun to have this tour & to see the little autumn treasurers here and there! I like to create an autumn display on the wide windowsill over the kitchen sink, where I can enjoy it often.

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    1. I am glad you visited Nancy! I always enjoy seeing your intricate seasonal displays on your windowsill. I don’t like to put anything on our windowsill because I am afraid it will draw attention to our awful view into the back of another high-rise! Enjoy your day!💙


    1. It has been so warm for us in Chicago Janet that I wasn’t ready to to move on to fall decorating, but when October rolled around I figured it was time! I love green and white pumpkins too and will look forward to seeing them in your home! Enjoy the day and thanks so much for sharing.💙


  2. Lovely to see your home dressed for fall! I agree with you, it’s time now… I’m planning to swap the throw pillows for cozier ones, add a faux fur blanket on the sofa…maybe some mums… Great post, Elizabeth!


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