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Potted Boxwoods

I admire the way potted boxwoods look in gardens and around terraces. I like them best in large groups when they are neatly shaped into spheres and placed in simple terra-cotta pots.  There is something very attractive about their rounded shape, and I like them in containers because you can move them around to change the look of your outdoor space at any time.  Spherical boxwoods add visual interest and a touch of greenery to an outdoor space.  As a bonus, boxwoods are apparently quite hardy and can thrive in sun, shade, and even dry conditions.

Here are some pretty gardens that feature potted boxwoods.

Atlanta Homes
Mark D. Sikes’ garden
Bunny Williams’ Connecticut garden via House Beautiful
Mark D. Sikes’ California garden
506 the scout guide.JPG
via Pinterest
via The Potted Boxwood

In the three photos below, the grouping of boxwoods adds color to and softens the hard surfaces of the courtyard and brick and gravel patios:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 10.00.46 AM.png
Ralph Lauren courtyard via Instagram
via Pinterest
via Hollywood Cape Cod

A pair of potted boxwoods flanking a front door is classic and elegant:

via Pinterest


via Pinterest

The boxwoods below add greenery and texture to this gravel courtyard in Provence:

My Domaine

Rounded boxwoods look lovely in blue and white ceramic pots:

Carolyne Roehm’s garden via Architectural Digest


Parker Kennedy Living via Pinterest



Chinoiserie Chic via Bloglovin’

Shaped, potted boxwoods provide extra dimension, color, and interest to any garden.

500 - Clive Nichols photography.JPG
via Pinterest

What do you think of potted boxwoods?





16 thoughts on “Potted Boxwoods

    1. Janet, I have seen boxwoods in Chicago that look very healthy so I would think they would do beautifully in your garden. I will be curious to know how they work out if you try them. Glad you stopped by today! 💙


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