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Links for The Weekend 8•4•17

Happy August!

Reese-Witherspoon-homeagain-1.jpg1. Did you hear that Nancy Meyers is producing a new movie called Home Again with Reese Witherspoon? Her sets for It’s Complicated and Something’s Gotta Give are my absolute favorites.  Here’s a sneak peak of her newest movie’s set design.



2. A new-to-me design portfolio: Kristin Casey Interiors. So many beautiful traditional rooms! (header image as well)


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.03.26 AM.png

3. Have you seen the JASSA collection from Ikea?  It is full of good-looking Asian-inspired rattan furniture, vibrant textiles, baskets, and even blue and white sponge ware!



4. David Rockefeller’s estate is for sale on Mount Desert Island in Maine ($19 million) and his Upper East Side NYC townhouse is also listed ($32.5 million). They are both beautiful properties!



5. I enjoyed this historic New Orleans home tour.



6. I would love to have a dog, as would my daughter, but both of my kids are allergic to dogs. My daughter and I have frequent conversations about the breed we would get if we could have a dog. We both smiled at the photos in this article:  The 20 Cutest Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed.


Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Links for The Weekend 8•4•17

  1. You know that my vote for the cutest dog goes to the Lagotto Romagnolo:) Having had 3 hypo-allergenic dog breeds (Tibetan terrier, poodle and now a Lagotto) the Lagotto is definitely the more rugged of the breeds. She is happiest running in the fields, rolling in the grass and wading in the pond.

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  2. Oh my – Reese and Nancy Meyers sets. I die. Sorry about the allergy to pooches 😦 We are those people who have dogs on the furniture and talk to them like people (The British genes, I guess… but I don’t say “walkies” )


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