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10 Pretty Blue and White Wallpapers

Although I have never been brave enough to use wallpaper in our home, I do really like it. Here are 10 pretty blue and white wallpapers:

  1.  Lee Jofa’s Willow Pattern (grasscloth):
Amie Corley via Pinterest


2.  Quadrille’s Sigourney:

The Zhush


3.  Pierre Frey’s Toile de Nantes:

Sarah Bartholomew via Pinterest


4.  Quadrille’s Bali Isle:

J.K. Kling


5.  China Seas’ Java Java (Aqua on White):

J.K. Kling


6.  Schumacher’s Pyne Hollyhock:

Studio McGee


7.  Quadrille’s Magic Garden:

Ashley Whittaker via Pinterest


8.  Rose Cummings’ Zebrine:

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 9.39.07 AM.png
Ashley Whittaker


9. Schumacher’s Chinoiserie Vine (by Mark D. Sikes):

Mark D. Sikes via Instagram


10. Schumacher’s Nanjing Porcelain:

Jenna Wallis via Pinterest


Do you have a favorite blue and white wallpaper?

32 thoughts on “10 Pretty Blue and White Wallpapers

  1. The Pyne Hollyhock by Schumacher is one I’ve been crushing on for awhile now- I really want to use it in my kitchen! All of them are so good though!


  2. Great choices, Elizabeth! My faves are 2, 6 and 8. Just like you, I haven’t been brave enough to try wallpaper in our home. Frankly, I’d need to get someone else to install it for me because I *know* my handiwork would not be up to par with the pros! Although I will say I’ve had great luck using wall stencils to achieve the look of wallpaper. The entire process was far easier than I anticipated. Have you ever used stencils?


    1. Thanks for your comment Kate! I have not tried stencils yet but have thought about it. I like the look of paisley block print and have seen some nice stencil examples of it. I am glad to hear that you have had success with it- it just might give me the courage to try it! Thank you for the encouragement and idea!💙


  3. Schumacher’s Pyne Hollyhock works the best for me. I would feel like in a beautiful blue and blooming garden. Love that one!


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