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Pretty Pergolas

The resort that we stayed at last week on Lake Champlain had a beautiful pergola off the back of the main lodge. It was covered with Dutch Pipe, which is a lush, large green-leaved plant with incredibly thick vines. When you sit underneath the pergola you feel like you are in a little outdoor hideaway which is so peaceful.  Here is a photo of it:


Pergolas are often partially open at the top with beams, but like the one above, they can also be fully covered. They provide some added shade, especially if they are covered with climbing vines and flowers.  They generally are attached to a home and they create an interesting extra outdoor room. They can be used as a peaceful spot for relaxing or dining.

Here are some examples of pretty pergolas:

Architectural Digest via Pinterest

Isn’t the purple wisteria gorgeous in the photos below?

One Kings Lane
via Pinterest
Architectural Digest

The natural log beams add a nice rustic touch below:

This Old House

The grape vines below create a Tuscan feel:

Veranda (header image)

The climbing roses below are lovely:

via Pinterest
Better Homes and Gardens
The Cottage Journal via Pinterest
Better Homes and Gardens via Pinterest

Although you often see pergolas in the back of a house, in the photo below, the pergola highlights the area around the front door:

Better Homes and Gardens

I have heard that if you add vines to a pergola you need to be careful about which ones you choose as many are quite invasive and difficult to remove if they get too big.

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