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Using Identical Wallpaper and Fabric

As I have been looking at designer showhouses lately, I have noticed many rooms that feature identical wallpaper and fabric.

Here is an example—a bedroom designed by Sarah Bartholomew—from the 2017 Southeastern Showhouse in Atlanta:

Sarah Bartholomew Designs

Here, in the same Southeastern Showhouse, is a corner of a room in which designer Amy Berry used matching wallpaper and banquette upholstery:

Amy Berry

A dining room at the Lake Forest Showhouse 2017 with identical Schumacher wallpaper and banquette fabric:

Shelley Johnstone Designs

A bedroom from the 2017 Coastal Living Showhouse in Newport, Rhode Island designed by Mark D. Sikes with navy gingham curtains that match the wallpaper:

Coastal Living Idea House

If you decide to try this matching wallpaper and fabric look at home, make sure that you absolutely love the print that you choose. I think it works best when there are plenty of neutral furnishings in the space, like a sisal rug or white bedspread, to break up some of the pattern of the print. Otherwise, the room can be too busy looking.

The examples below work well because of the ample use of neutral furnishings:

via Pinterest
Andrew Howard via HomeBunch
House and Garden

Although the bedroom shown below has very little in the way of neutrals,  the matching fabric and wallpaper create a wonderful cocoon-like effect in the recessed sleeping nook:

Katie Ridder

If you choose the matching route, it simplifies matters by eliminating the need to consider many possible combinations of prints. On the other hand, it entails a great commitment to one pattern, and you will want to chose one that you won’t tire of easily!

Would you consider using matching fabric and wallpaper in your home?

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