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Floral Arrangements From My Parents’ Garden

One of my favorite things to do when I visit my parents is to cut and arrange flowers from their garden. It is a luxury for me to be able to step outside and pick flowers–something that I can never do at home in Chicago.

My parents have always had beautiful gardens. This year, due to heavy rains in the spring, their summer flowers are blooming very late, and there isn’t the wide variety of flowers I am used to working with, so it is more of a challenge to make interesting arrangements.

The garden flower arrangements tend not to last for more than two days, so I fix a new arrangement for the house every other day.  I like to fix casual and informal arrangements that I put together in just a few minutes.

Here are photos of the arrangements that I fixed last week:

In the arrangement below, the tall feathery light pink and hot pink flowers are called astilbe, the orange flowers are butterfly weed, the yellow ones are black-eyed Susans, and the small hot pink flowers are called silene.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 8.48.29 AM.png

Below is an arrangement of white oak leaf hydrangea and some green leaves from the woods:IMG_20170708_104412764

An assortment of pink and white astilbe:IMG_20170708_155620600

Below, I used pink and white hydrangeas, white astilbe, and white fever few:


This is an arrangement of ferns (called sensitive ferns), delicate white flowers called thalictrum, queen Anne’s lace, and purple chicory, collected from a wooded area in the back yard and along the side of the road:


In just a week, more summer flowers have started to blossom. Here is today’s arrangement, with daisies, pink foxglove, cone flowers, yellow primroses, and thistle added to black eyed Susans, orange butterfly weeds, and silene.


The arrangements are simple: I simply cut the ends of the flower stems on an angle, remove the leaves from the stems, and place them in a vase or other vessel with water.

Happy summer!





31 thoughts on “Floral Arrangements From My Parents’ Garden

    1. Thank you Marcie for your sweet comment! I love the astilbe too–it grows abundantly in the north! The growing season here is much shorter than yours but we do appreciate it while it lasts!


  1. That is amazing Elizabeth-so beautiful! I can’t believe all that is growing right outside their home. Love all the different vases too. Hope you are having a great visit. We look forward to catching up guys when you get back.

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  2. Here in the UK our gardens, (or at least most and certainly my garden) is fairly small so I never cut the flowers preferring to enjoy them in situ and buy plants for indoors. I do however have most of the flowers your mom has and after seeing your pictures would love to use them in arrangements. One little difference is that the plant I know as black-eyed-susan, is a climing vine called a thunbergia, and the plant you have we call rudbeckia, though I must admit the name is equally appropriate for both plants with their eye catching almost black centres. I hope to pop some pictures of my wisteria, with its second flush of flowers, on my blog tomorrow, so you will see how tiny our gardens are compared with the majority of US gardens. I would love a big garden.

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