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Bedrooms with Pairs of Twin Beds

As I was going through my saved images of bedrooms for yesterday’s post on master bedrooms, I noticed that I have saved an extraordinary number of bedrooms that feature a pair of twin beds. I am drawn to symmetrical arrangements, and I think this must be why I find two twin beds in a room so appealing. The pairing of twin beds is also practical, especially in a child’s room or guest room, providing extra room for a visitor.

Below are some images of bedrooms featuring pairs of twin beds. All would make beautiful guest rooms.

Katie Ridder via House and Home
via House and Home
Architectural Digest via Pinterest
Country Living
House and Garden
Flea Market Trixie
Palmer Weiss
Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 8.42.41 AM.png
via Pinterest
Phoebe Howard
via House and Home
via Curious Details
Style at Home

Any favorites?

12 thoughts on “Bedrooms with Pairs of Twin Beds

  1. This is amazing. People always seem to separate beds as much as possible, especially in the kid’s room, to leave as much free space as possible. But shared rooms are so much better with twin beds placed like this. It never even crossed my mind. Thank you for the inspiration. And how dreamy are these navy blue beds?


  2. I’ve always loved this layout for a kids room but our boys are 10 years apart and I’m not sure if it would work for them to share a bedroom. It’s hard to choose a favorite it’s just an overall great look!


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