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Master Bedroom Inspiration from Phoebe Howard

A reader of this blog recently asked me for ideas to help her redecorate her master bedroom. I love it when readers ask me questions—such inquiries can be a source of ideas for blog posts, particularly the kind I like best: those that are helpful to readers.

Prompted by the blog reader’s request, I was looking through all the master bedroom images that I have saved over the years and was struck by the number that depicted the work of interior designer Phoebe Howard. Howard-designed spaces are traditional, classic, and elegant. The master bedrooms, in particular, are favorite designs of mine.

A master bedroom should be a calm and beautiful space that fosters relaxation. Phoebe Howard’s bedroom designs frequently employ lovely soft colors, such as pale blues, greens, and whites, which contribute to a peaceful feeling. She favors symmetrical and balanced arrangements of artwork and furnishings, which also promote serenity.  She uses subtle, soft, and feminine prints and beautiful bedding.

Here are some elegant and pretty bedrooms designed by Phoebe Howard that I hope will provide some inspiration:











Aren’t these bedrooms peaceful and gorgeous? I would sleep wonderfully in any of them!

Photos are from Phoebe Howard’s portfolio

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