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My Five Favorite Summer Home Accessories

I don’t do much to change my home’s decor in the summer, but I do add a few items to make the apartment feel a bit lighter and fresher for the season. I mostly add items that have a coastal feel. Here are my favorites:

Sea Shells

Whenever we go to the beach, I bring back shells that I have collected. The conch shells are my favorite for decorating because they are so large and sculptural and look great on a stack of books. Here are some photos of ways that I use shells in our apartment:




I have bowls of shells all around the apartment:





I also like coral because it is so visually interesting:



I find driftwood appealing, as well. I keep a piece on our mantle in the summer and like the neutral naturalness, free-form shape, and rustic informality that it adds to the otherwise formal mantle:


Blue Sea Glass

Blueish-green sea glass pieces, such as the vase pictured below, have a summery and coastal look. I wrapped brown twine around the neck of the vase to give it some natural texture and a little more of a rustic and nautical feel.



I placed the sea glass float shown below in an urn on the family room bookshelf:

IMG_3307 (1).jpg
Rattan and Wicker

Rattan and wicker add great texture to a space and exude an island feel.

I like to add wicker and rattan trays to coffee tables:



Above, I also added rattan coasters and a straw basket for texture.

A wicker stool in the living room adds texture to that space:


Wicker placemats provide a summer touch to the kitchen table:


Tropical Plants

Tropical plants and greenery help bring the outside in. This is especially helpful in an apartment.


Trader Joe’s is a great source for small tropical plants this time of year. If you are lucky enough to have a yard, then cutting greens from your garden is a good option.

Our fig plant seems to think it’s in the tropics! It has grown like crazy:


Happy Summer Solstice! Enjoy the long days of summer!

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 11.30.49 AM.png


8 thoughts on “My Five Favorite Summer Home Accessories

  1. If only my place was this clean! I love it. I love all the stacks of books you have around too. Makes it cozy and welcoming. You can never go wrong with seashells

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elizabeth I need you to come over and accessorize my living room once all the new furniture gets delivered. You have such a flair.


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