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The Duchess of Cambridge’s Interior Designer

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton) have two residences. When in London, the Duke and Duchess reside at Kensington Palace in Apartment 1A, which was formerly the home of Princess Margaret. Their second home, which they received from the Queen, is a Georgian country estate called Anmer Hall that is located on the Sandringham Estate.

In this photograph of Kensington Palace, the late Princess Diana’s former apartment is the one circled on the left, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Apartment 1A is circled on the right:

Kensington Palace via House Beautiful

Here is a photograph of Anmer Hall:

Anmer Hall via House Beautiful

I was curious to know whom Kate employed to decorate her homes.  According to public accounts, she has taken a very active role in decorating her homes. She was an art history major in college, so it makes sense that she would be interested in design. However, she has many rooms to fill, and I can imagine that it would be overwhelming to tackle on your own! The apartment at Kensington Palace has 20 rooms and underwent an over-7-million-dollar restoration in 2014. The country estate is also grand in scale, with ten bedrooms, and has also undergone a massive renovation.  Apparently on the recommendation of her father-in-law Prince Charles, Kate chose Ben Pentreath to help her redesign her homes.  Pentreath is a British architect, designer, author, and London shop owner.

There have only been small public glimpses of the spaces that Pentreath helped design for the Duke and Duchess.  Thanks to the photographs from President and Mrs. Obama’s visit last year to the Duke and Duchess’s apartment at Kensington Palace, we have an idea what their living room looks like:

House Beautiful

There is a mix of old paintings, furniture, and rugs (probably from the royal family’s collection) with new sofas, lamps, pillows, and small tables.  Notice the blue and white garden stool (next to Kate) and the modern lucite side table (next to William). It is a fittingly formal yet comfortable looking room for an English palace.

The only photos that show a bit of the rooms at Anmer Hall are from Princess Charlotte’s first birthday:



Photos from Hello Magazine

Princess Charlotte is so adorable that it is hard to focus on the decor! However, the furnishings seem to be light and neutral, with touches of pinks and greens in the upholstery, rugs, and pillows. I love the gingham fabric in the chair above. It looks like a very soft and pretty English country home–I just wish we could see more of it!

Here is a look at some rooms from designer Ben Pentreath’s portfolio (many of the rooms are from his own homes):





Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.13.52 PM.png



There are a few things that I can discern about Pentreath’s style from these photos.  Although Pentreath has a distinctively British look to his rooms– the antique furniture and classic British decor items (including Staffordshire dogs and blue and white ceramics) contributes to this, he uses a great deal of exotic color and pattern. He likes bold tribal patterns on pillows, throw blankets, lampshades and rugs.  He uses lots of books and seems to favor sets of antique framed prints on the walls.

Whether or not these elements from Pentreath’s style will be prevalent in the Duke and Duchess’s rooms remains to be seen.  We will just have to hope that more photos of their spaces will be made public so we can find out!


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