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Decorating With Vintage Silver Trophies

Something that I have started looking for when I am strolling through thrift stores and antique stores is vintage silver trophies. I have always liked vintage silver pieces, and I especially like the shapes that trophies come in. The inscriptions and dates on the trophies make them interesting conversation pieces.

Thus far, I have only purchased one vintage silver trophy, which I placed on my husband’s dresser. I filled it with pheasant feathers. I have no idea what the trophy was for, which makes it fascinating to me–it says “T.O.P 1937-38.”  It was only $5 or $10 at an antiques store. That seemed like a bargain to me. Here is my trophy:

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 4.33.30 PM.png

I would like to start a small collection of silver trophies in all different shapes and sizes. I like them grouped together on shelves, mantels, and tables as in the arrangements pictured below.

Southern Living design house via decor pad
via Pinterest

Trophies come in a wide variety of shapes. They look equally nice polished or tarnished:

Vintage Junky
Holly Mathis Interiors
via Pure and Noble

Silver trophies make beautiful vases for floral and plant arrangements:

via Pinterest
vintage trophy cups.jpg
Shabby Fufu (header image as well)
via Buzzfeed

They also work well for holding everyday items such as kitchen utensils and desk items as seen below:

Heather Bullard
via Pinterest

Large trophies make perfect beverage coolers and ice buckets:

Tidbits and Twine
Content in a Cottage

There are so many ways to use these old trophies. They elevate anything they hold and they are interesting and beautiful to look at. What do you think of them?

14 thoughts on “Decorating With Vintage Silver Trophies

  1. What an interesting idea! These examples all look very nice & I notice it’s okay when they are tarnished. . . otherwise it could be a lot of trouble!


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