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Shop Stylings: A Visit to Anthropologie Chicago

My sister was in town last week, and we had a good time poking around in the shops in my neighborhood. We popped into Anthropologie, which is always a visual treat, and I thought I would share some photos and impressions of the store’s home section with you.

My neighborhood Anthropologie is heavy on clothing, beauty items, jewelry, and small decorative items for the home. It doesn’t sell any furniture. Our store, like most Anthropologie stores I have seen, is a large, open, loft-like space, as you can see in the photos below.



I like how open this store is.  It isn’t crowded with merchandise, so you feel like you can see everything easily and have some room to move around.  Anthropologie sells lots of really good-smelling candles. Lit candles filled the store with a pleasant fragrance during my visit. I am a fan of the Voluspa and Capri Blue candle brands. You can see some of those candles here:



The Anthropologie home section was full of bright and cheerful goods. If you are feeling like your home is too neutral for your taste, you might be interested in the many small, colorful accessories here that would provide you with some great pops of color.

The Anthropologie kitchen section is my favorite. Everything is colorful and fun and has a vintage feel to it.


I loved the Lulie Wallace melamine floral dishes above! They are perfect for outdoor dining. Here is a close-up of them:

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.03.38 PM.png

Their assortment of pretty and colorful ceramic bowls and mugs is extensive:


I have had the latte bowls for years and love them!


The printed and cheerful aprons, dish towels, and fabric napkins are favorites too:


The Anthropologie bedding department is equally bright and bold.  It offers lots of pretty printed throws and pillows with tassels, pompoms, and other fun textural details. The textiles have an exotic global feel to them and look like something you might have picked up on your travels.


I especially loved these pillows:Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.14.54 PM.png


There is a California-casual bohemian feel to the Anthropologie merchandise right now, which I liked.  If you don’t have an Anthropologie store near you, visit their website here.

Thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “Shop Stylings: A Visit to Anthropologie Chicago

  1. It was so much fun exploring Chicago neighborhoods with you! I’m impressed with your keen eye for details. In fact, even though we were together in Anthropologie I did not pick up on the cute pillows that you highlighted among other things. Thanks for the tour and for arranging such beautiful weather in Chicago!

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