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Small Changes in our Home and a New Camera

Remember when I did Tuesday Tours of our apartment in January and February? A few little things have changed in the apartment since then, so I thought I’d share some updated photos with you.

I purchased a DSLR camera recently (the Canon EOS Rebel T6), so the quality of my photos should start to improve.  I had been using my son’s old click-and-shoot digital camera for blog photos and wasn’t happy with the quality of the pictures.  I don’t know anything about photography and am trying to teach myself  how to use the camera in manual mode by watching You Tube videos. I am finding it very challenging to take good interior shots–the lighting is tricky! I was wondering:

Do you have any photography tips for shooting good interior photos? If so, please leave a comment–I would really appreciate any advice you have! 

Now, on to the photos (taken with my new camera) of my very minor home changes.

Family Room

In the family room, I replaced the sofa pillows, which were beginning to look worn. See what they looked like from the Tuesday Tour here. The family room was in need of some more pink to match the window seats, but it proved difficult to find just the right pink. After many tries, involving multiple purchases and returns, I found these pillows (the pink and white ones shown below) on line at Wayfair, and they seem to match well enough. They were on sale, which was an added bonus. I found the blue and white pillows shown below in the clearance section of Marshalls–I was pleased that they match the walls so well, and the down inserts are soft and nice.



For Mother’s Day, my husband and kids gave me one of my favorite flowering plants: a hydrangea (and a blue one, at that!). I put it in a corner of the family room, as seen below.


A more zoomed out view:

Music Room

I never loved the glass ball lamps in our music room, so I finally swapped them with these gourd lamps from Target that were on sale.  I kept my old lamp shades, which I like much better than the ones that came with the new lamps.



Dining Room

Several weeks ago, I posted about wanting to change up the host chairs in the dining room. I realize that new chairs won’t be happening for a while, so I found a temporary way to make them slightly different from the other chairs: adding pillows. I chose some burlap pillows from HomeGoods, and they proved to be a good, inexpensive way to freshen things up.




A few weeks ago, I shared with you the topiary artwork that my daughter painted that now appears on my blog header.  I finally framed the original painting that she made and hung it in the kitchen next to the sink, where I can look at it when I’m washing dishes. The frame is from HomeGoods.


Son’s Bedroom

My son needed a new desk lamp. I think the brass one below that I purchased from Target is very good looking.



I loved the color of this orchid (below) that I put in our small entrance hallway.  Sadly, it is starting to wilt. Orchids can be a frustrating purchase–sometimes they last and flower for months, but other times they immediately start to wither. The gold bowl shown below is full of oddly shaped and flattened sea shells that I brought back from the beach in Virginia last summer. For some reason, I like the look of imperfect and weathered shells!



Don’t forget, if you have any photography tips, I would love it if you would share them with me! Thank you so much!



16 thoughts on “Small Changes in our Home and a New Camera

  1. Love the entryway! I’m relatively new to interior DSLR photography as well, but I have past photography experience I’m trying to build on . It seems like a tripod is an essential. In order to let a good amount of light in when it isn’t necessarily present, you’ll have to slow down the shutter speed so the sensor is exposed to what little light there is for longer. Without a tripod, the photos will turn out blurry. Good luck! I’ll be learning right along with you. Keep us posted if you find any lighting techniques that work well!


  2. I can see the difference with the new camera. I only have my phone at the moment but have learned about perspective from myquillin the nester or nesting place blog. Also think miss mustard seed might have some posts on using your new camera. I like the changes you made. Very pretty.


  3. Hi Elizabeth! I’m a little late with my comment on this topic, but have you considered getting a prime lens for your new camera? A prime lens with a fast aperture will do a better job of maximizing available light thus allowing you to take better indoor photos without having to use a tripod (personally I have never gotten the hang of using a tripod). Plus prime lenses are not as expensive as zoom lenses, so you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy one. If you are mainly taking indoor shots of rooms, you’ll want to get one that is wide enough for your typical space. At least 35 mm but possibly a 24 mm (a 50 mm prime is probably not going to be wide enough for tight interior spaces). It can be a little tricky getting used to working with a prime lens (since you can’t zoom in and out), but I have had really great results with them. Best of luck!


    1. Linda, thank you so much for your helpful photography comment! I had never thought about a prime lens and will look into purchasing one. I really appreciate your advice–I have no experience with photography and am finding it challenging! Have a great weekend!

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