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Everyday Kitchen Table Centerpiece Ideas

I always like to have a centerpiece on our kitchen table. If there is nothing on the table, it feels too bare and unfinished. Although my first choice would be to have fresh wild flowers in a pitcher or pretty greenery and branches trimmed from the yard in a simple vase, this isn’t a realistic option as we don’t have a yard and it would get too extravagant to buy flowers every week from the store.

I have become a bit lazy in the everyday kitchen centerpiece department and for months (maybe even years!) I have used the same centerpiece.  When I don’t have something fresh for the table, this is my fallback—a dried boxwood topiary on a thrifted blue and white plate. Here is what it looks like:


Although I have been happy with this arrangement, I feel the need for a change. Without going out and buying something new, I tried to see what other arrangements I could make that would work on a daily basis and could be made from things I already have on hand.

Here is what I came up with:






We always have lots of fresh fruit in the house and that makes a colorful and easy arrangement. It might also have the added benefit of encouraging the kids to eat more fruit! I like the look of the rustic handmade wooden bowls but also love the blue and white porcelain bowls (surprise, surprise!).


A collection of small vases seems to work as well, but feels a little too busy for this room.



I like the ball boxwood topiary with the lemons on the blue plate. It works well for spring and summer.


IMG_1059I might try the driftwood and candle or sea glass ball arrangement in the summer—it is simple and would give the space a more coastal feel.


I think that most things look better under a glass cloche. I am using a succulent arrangement in the photo above.


The wooden cutting board was my daughter’s idea and I like how it works like a tray. Aren’t those little salt and pepper holders adorable? I picked those up at Target a few years ago and think the attached little wooden spoons are so cute.



A tray, like in the above photos, works well to corral necessities like extra napkins, utensils, and salt and pepper shakers.  Our table is small, so the pictured tray is a bit too big for us to use regularly.



This blue and white vegetable dish with a fern works well. I have found that you can pick up dishes like this which are missing their covers for next to nothing at thrift stores and they make wonderful planters.


IMG_1042_1.JPGI have a lot of houseplants growing in the apartment so there is always one that I can relocate to the kitchen table. I think the potted English Ivy above is my favorite centerpiece option and  I will go with that for now. Something alive and green mixed with something blue and white is always a winning combination for me.

What do you use as an everyday centerpiece on your kitchen table? I would love some more ideas!

17 thoughts on “Everyday Kitchen Table Centerpiece Ideas

  1. These are all great ideas — thanks for showing so many options! I think I agree about your favorite and I love the way the plates or bowls keep the centerpiece item from looking random somehow.

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  2. The cloche and plant arrangement is my favorite. I agree, the table seems bare without anything. I like to have something pretty to look at too. I’ve used candles in various heights, tray with our tea and sugar options, and baskets with potted herbs. You could even stack plates, and pretty bowls filled with moss. The options are endless and using what you have is always easier. But, I do love fresh flowers the most. I try and get pots of hydrangeas or roses as they last longer than cut flowers. Do you have a Trader Joe’s anywhere nearby? They sell bunches of daffodils, this time of year, for only $1.49. So nice to enjoy spring inside!


  3. My favorites are the cutting board and the green apples in the blue bowl… I also love the one below with the vases/lemons. I usually keep a wooden bowl with either apples or whatever fruit we have at the time. and the brown glass bottle my son found with the pink flowers he gave me one year on Mother’s Day. ❤


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