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Scenes from Break

Happy Monday! I took a break from blogging for the holiday, but now I’m back. For most of the break, I stayed in Chicago, hosting my East Coast-based brother-in-law and his kids and showing them around the city. Today, I thought I’d show you some of the pictures from our sightseeing. (I’ll get back to decorating in tomorrow’s post).

We begin with a couple of pictures that hearken back to last week’s post on spring planters and gardens.

This first picture was taken on the portion of downtown Chicago’s Michigan Avenue referred to as the Magnificent Mile, arguably the most prominent shopping district in town. The businesses on this stretch of Michigan Avenue sponsor spectacular plantings along the sidewalks and in the median. The abundant tulips and other spring flowers are for the most part yet to be planted this year, but the display below is promising start.


Our building just filled its planters for spring:


Since by brother-in-law and his kids reside in a city, Washington, D.C., that lacks a skyline, the top of a skyscraper was a mandatory stop on our tour of Chicago. We went to the Hancock Tower, to the 94th floor, for the “360 Chicago” view and the Tilt. The Tilt is an activity where you stand in front of a glass window and you (and the window) tilt forward about 30 degrees, so that you are, in effect, leaning out over the side of the building and looking straight down to the ground below. The view was definitely great, but we all agreed that they should have tilted us further!

Here are some pictures of the “360 Chicago” views:


The sky was overcast, but the air was fairly clear, and our view wasn’t obstructed at all by clouds. The photograph above shows the view from the Hancock Tower to the southwest. The black building extending above the horizon, in the background toward the left, is the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), the tallest building in Chicago.

Below, you can see Lake Michigan and Navy Pier (where the Ferris wheel is).


I love the view (below) looking north, as well — you can see the “coast” of Chicago with the beaches along the lake.


We also showed the guests Millennium Park, home of the famous Cloud Gate sculpture, which is called “the bean” because of its shape.  The reflections of the skyline in the sculpture are amazing!


While downtown, we did an architecture boat tour on the Chicago River. We had a great guide and learned a lot about our city.


I hope you enjoyed these spring break scenes from Chicago. There are so many things to see and do in Chicago that, even after so many years of living here, I feel like I have barely scratched the surface!

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