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Designer Spotlight: William McLure

Some time within the last year or so I started seeing photos of rooms in a Birmingham, Alabama house, and I became immediately besotted with them. The rooms belong to artist and interior designer William McLure.

The rooms are obviously the creation of a talented artist. Each time I see one of the rooms, I could spend hours studying the masterful details. McLure has a keen eye for layering, mixing old and new, and creating visually intricate and stunning displays.

His one-bedroom rental apartment is in a 1920s home in Birmingham. I wish it were bigger so that there could be more beautiful rooms to share!

Let’s look at his home:




In the above photos of McLure’s living room, the painted white floors and white walls provide a clean and light backdrop for his interesting modern art collection (much of which are his own creations), antiques, blue and white ceramics, books, tribal textiles, plants, and natural curiosities.


Look at how he layered the artwork on the above wall. Genius!


Notice all the natural texture he incorporates into his rooms– bamboo window blinds, baskets as plant holders, and rattan chairs. He uses an abundance of plants and natural finds, too, like the tortoise shell in the fireplace and the seashells, sponges, and seed pods on the tabletops. Every surface is covered with interesting books and objects.


He mixes antique pieces, some of which he painted (as in the case of the tables pictured above), and more modern pieces like the wire chairs and the large-scale abstract art work that he made (like the painting above the mantel in the above photo).

Below, you will see his bedroom. Its dark walls are a contrast to the light living room, creating a more intimate and moodier space.



Above, I love the juxtaposition of his modern abstract painting, on the one hand, with the antique dresser and his assortment of blue and white ceramics, on the other hand.

1456711838494Seen above, you can see more of McLure’s extraordinary tabletop styling with all his interesting layering and mixing. He deftly skirted the radiator and added brass tacks, turning the radiator into a display piece. I think I might try that soon.

William Melure's Apartment Interior

McLure’s Weimaraner, Baylor, is gorgeous, too!


If you would like to see more of William McLure’s paintings and interiors, visit his website.  I am sure that we will be hearing lots more about him in the future!

I will be taking a few days off for the holiday week.  I will see you back here next Tuesday! Happy holiday to you!

11 thoughts on “Designer Spotlight: William McLure

  1. That is a beautiful home! I thought I recognized it. When you said it was once red, I knew I had come across it before. I’m in the middle of painting my red dining room white. Hopefully, it will turn out as pretty as his. 🙂


    1. Kathryn, I can’t wait to see how it comes out–I’m sure it will feel so fresh and bright. Our office used to be red–I liked it for a while but it started to feel too dark and heavy for me. I painted it light blue and it feels much bigger and cheerier.


  2. Wow, he is a master at layering! Every detail is perfect. Like you, I could look at the details in these pics all day and never get bored. Thanks so much for sharing!


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