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Decorating with Chalkboards

In our Chicago neighborhood, the shops and restaurants often have chalkboards either outside their doors, in good weather, or inside, during the rest of the year, detailing their daily specials and other attractions. I always enjoy seeing the interesting lettering and wonderful pictures that are rendered in chalk. I love that the signs are changed frequently, and I am amazed at the abundance of artistic talent on display!

Here are some images of interesting and artful chalkboards used in restaurants and shops:

Epicerie Fine (Brussels)
Buzz Feed (Astro Cafe in Detroit)
Buzzfeed (Astro Cafe in Detroit)

Chalkboards are seen frequently in home interiors, as well. They seem to be particularly popular in modern farmhouse decorating, but are also used in more contemporary homes.

Here are some pretty images of chalkboards used in homes:

Ella Claire

Chalkboards are useful in kitchens, as shown above, for composing menus and grocery lists.

In the following three images, chalkboards provide a place to help with organization, including calendar reminders and to-do lists.

fixer upper 3
Fixer Upper
Hobby Lobby
Thrifty Decor Chick

Chalkboards can be used for displaying inspirational quotations, as seen in the two images below.

Dear Lillie

Sometimes, whole walls are painted in chalkboard paint and used for drawings and doodling:

The Little Design Corner
Bestfriends For Frosting
Home and Decor
Nickey Kehoe

A few years ago, I added this farmhouse chalkboard from World Market to our kitchen. I think it works well as decor in our cottage style kitchen. It provides a place for my daughter to doodle while I am working in the kitchen, I enjoy creating seasonal designs on the chalkboard.

Here is my recent spring creation (I am obviously not an artist!):


Would you consider adding a chalkboard to your home?

header image from Epicerie Fine



38 thoughts on “Decorating with Chalkboards

  1. After seeing these, I definitely want a chalkboard in my kitchen. I especially liked seeing some in more modern spaces. I love how the chalkboard looks in your house too!


  2. Love this! I’m always saving the drawing and text inspirations! I have one wall in my dining room that is a chalk board. In my last house we had one in the kitchen that had a huge family calendar on it. Once you have one, it’s hard to live without.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, I have SEEN the chalkboard art at that Detroit cafe before, but I never realized that it was in Detroit! So cool. I love this post, chalkboard is so charming. Thanks for sharing!


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