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A Walk Around a Beautiful Chicago Neighborhood

It was my daughter’s spring break last week, and we had one day in Chicago that was unusually warm and beautiful for this time of year. Enticed outdoors by the early hint of winter’s retreat, she and I set out on foot to explore what is generally considered the most exclusive residential neighborhood in the city, the Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast neighborhood is the oldest in Chicago and has many beautiful historic homes. It borders gorgeous Lake Michigan and is just steps away from Michigan Avenue, the nicest shopping district in the city. The residential neighborhood is incredibly quiet and peaceful. Although there are many newer high-rise apartment buildings, there is an assortment of grand and stately old homes.

Today, I thought I would share some of the photos of homes and other sights that I took during our Gold Coast excursion.


On the way to the Gold Coast, we stopped to catch our breath at the Lincoln Park Zoo, where we took this photo of the skyline. As you can see, spring has not yet sprung in Chicago. There are no leaves on the trees yet and no flowers. It is a bit bleak now, but in another month (or two) it will be much prettier!

Welcome to the Gold Coast!


DSC02776There are many interesting, historic row houses—just about every architectural style is represented.


Such a pretty door on this Federal style brick home (above and below).


DSC02738This French Classical brick beauty is part of the former Playboy mansion. The mansion is now divided into several condominium units. Isn’t the wrought iron gate amazing? Below is another part of the mansion.

DSC02743DSC02733There are many Romanesque style homes in this area, like the ones above. Notice all the arches. These houses are very solid and stately looking, aren’t they?

DSC02755DSC02769The range of historic architecture in the Gold Coast includes a few Gothic-inspired homes, including the one above.

DSC02753So many classic and historic styles and materials. The details and craftsmanship are remarkable. They just don’t make homes like this any more!



I’ve saved my favorite for last! I inhaled deeply when I saw this one….


A gorgeous brick Georgian home with a lacquered blue door and blue and white planters with boxwoods! A dream come true! A peek in the windows revealed a blue-and-white-lover’s paradise–Chinoiserie everywhere! Be still my heart!


That fan window above the door is stunning.

Imagine how beautiful this neighborhood will look when the trees are green and the flowers are budding. I might have to come back and take more photos for you to see.

I hope you enjoyed this stroll with me around Chicago’s Gold Coast!

13 thoughts on “A Walk Around a Beautiful Chicago Neighborhood

  1. Thank you so much for the tour, Elizabeth. I haven’t been to Chicago since 2003, and I miss it very much. Looking at these images reminds me of what a beautiful and awesome city Chicago really is.

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