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The Look for Less: DIY Abstract Circle Art

Not long ago, I decided to create a gallery wall in our living room. I wanted all the art work to be black and white to create a cohesive look among a variety of pieces that I already owned. Once I started putting artwork on the wall, I realized that I needed a few more pieces to make the arrangement look complete, and I didn’t have anything suitable on hand—so, as I often do, I tried to create what I needed. In this case, I had three empty black frames in a closet and an artistic daughter whose help I enlisted.

My preference was for something modern and abstract to balance all the traditional etchings and prints that I already had on the wall. These prints in a Williams Sonoma Home catalog provided my inspiration:thom-filicia-abstract-brushstrokes-c.jpgBelow are some images from Williams Sonoma of the prints in their rooms:




The prints from Williams-Sonoma are lovely, but they were priced at $450 each. I thought that my daughter and I could recreate the look without spending a dime. My frames were much smaller than the ones for sale, but they fit the space that I had. My daughter used her watercolor paper and black watercolor paint and, using the inspiration photos I provided, created her own interpretations of the originals.

Here is our living room gallery wall with my daughter’s paintings among the pieces on display:

DSC02623 (1).jpg




I think this DIY undertaking worked out well, don’t you?

header image from Williams Sonoma  

17 thoughts on “The Look for Less: DIY Abstract Circle Art

  1. The 🍎 doesn’t…. I honestly love your daughter’s drawings better than the originals because of the size and shading of the circles! I also think it is a great idea to put the mirror in the middle of her beautiful orchestrated art work! Well done!

    I plan to use these ideas in my new home! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! God bless!


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