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Tuesday Tour: Son’s Bedroom

This week’s Tuesday Tour covers our son’s bedroom. Our 15-year-old son, a high school freshman, has had this room since he was five, and I haven’t done much to change it in that time.


When I planned out this room, I sought a design scheme that wouldn’t look too juvenile and would last into our son’s teen years. I chose classic colors and furnishings that would be timeless. The wall paint—Dune from the former Martha Stewart Collection for Sherwin-Williams—is the same tan color as that used in the dining room and music room. I chose red and navy as accent colors, and adopted a patriotic theme using elements such as an American flag on the wall, shown below above framed replicas of the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. A framed National Geographic map of the United States appears above the bed, and hanging over the headboard is a poster depicting historical flags of the American Revolution and those of the United States of America and its government and armed forces, from Peter Spier’s 1973 illustrated edition of The Star-Spangled Banner.


The wool hand-hooked rug is from Pottery Barn Kids; it is thick and soft. It was a great rug for my son when he was little and playing on the floor all the time.


On the wall opposite the bed (above which the U.S. map is situated), I flanked the dresser with black-framed National Geographic maps of Asia and of the world.

DSC02520.JPGI acquired the antique dresser from a neighbor who was moving; it was a great deal, and she even had her movers move it for me! The dresser provides voluminous storage space.

DSC02538.JPG The desk is from Ikea—it is actually a table, which we chose because it provides a much bigger work space than that afforded by any of the desks that Ikea offered.


It’s a good thing our son loves American history and government!

There is a large bookcase on the wall opposite the windows—but it was too messy to be shown on this Tuesday Tour.


The navy blue drum overhead light fixture is from Land of Nod.

I am thinking about putting a full-size bed in this room, but I can’t decide whether it is worth giving up the space for it. I don’t want the room to feel cramped, and my son doesn’t seem to mind his twin-size bed, so for now I will keep it how it is.

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