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Designer Spotlight: Loi Thai

Welcome to the first installment of a new regular feature on this blog called “Designer Spotlight,” in which I showcase an interior designer whose work I admire. In today’s Designer Spotlight, I share the work of designer Loi Thai.

I fortuitously stumbled upon Loi Thai’s blog, called Tone on Tone, and his beautiful Instagram account, @loithai, and fell in love with his style. Loi Thai owns an antique shop, also called Tone on Tone, in Bethesda, Maryland that specializes in 18th and 19th century painted Swedish antiques, ironstone, and creamware. His homes in Maryland and coastal Castine, Maine are full of his antique treasures. He is incredibly gifted at making his antiques look fresh and contemporary in his rooms. He is also an amazing gardener and cultivates the most beautiful topiaries.

Here are photos of Loi Thai designs (many of these photos come from Martha Stewart Living and Southern Living, which featured his work in their magazines):

swedish living room

how to bleach floors

loi thai home.jpg

gray kitchen cabinets

Loi Thai’s rooms are neutral; he uses a light palette with pops of Swedish blues and grays and always fresh greenery. His spaces convey a sense of serenity.

growing myrtle topiary.jpg

myrtle topiaries for sale

antique swedish furniture.jpg

myrtle topiary

Aren’t his topiaries gorgeous?!

white pumpkin center piece.jpg

I will attempt to copy this beautiful white autumn arrangement in the fall.

tone on tone antiques

tone on tone antiques shop
A view in his antique store–I love the gray Mora clock and console table.

swedish antiques.jpg

tone on tone antiques-1.jpg

Loi Thai.jpg
Here is the designer pruning topiaries.

hydrangea hedge

loi thai maine home

The above two photos are of Loi Thai’s home in Castine, Maine. I even love his garage—those doors are fabulous. The hydrangeas around his house are incredible!

Isn’t he talented? Loi Thai’s rooms are much more neutral than I usually prefer, but I find them soothing and beautiful. I plan on visiting his shop the next time I am in the D.C. area!

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