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Displaying the Kids’ Art in the Mudroom

It can be a challenge for parents to figure out what to do with their children’s art work. When our kids are little, it seems like they are bringing new creations home from school every day, and we feel compelled to display them all. Of course, unless you live in a palace, you have to pick and choose.

I decided that our mudroom would be a good place to display our kids’ artwork. I chose wood coat hooks with an attached shelf on which I could lean framed and unframed drawings and paintings. I wanted to be able to change the display easily and didn’t want the commitment and permanence of hanging particular pieces on the wall.

This is what the display looks like today:


As you can see, there isn’t room for a ton of pieces, so I have to curate and cull the collection from time to time. For those items that are framed, I have used inexpensive white frames from Michael’s. Paintings that are done on canvas or wood panels don’t require framing.


In the photo above, you can see right above the stove a framed piece that my son made when he was very young. It adds color and energy to the space.

I generally also have a piece or two of the kids’ artwork on the refrigerator in the mudroom. These are pieces that I like, but for which I don’t have a place elsewhere in the room. I rotate these refrigerator display items pretty often. I have a large plastic bin where I store the pieces that I want to keep, but that are not currently on display. I end up recycling quite a bit of the art, too, but I don’t let myself feel too guilty about it!

How do you display and store your children’s artwork?

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