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Tuesday Tour: Mudroom

This is what I expect will be the next-to-last Tuesday Tour post focusing on the interior of our apartment. I’m almost out of rooms to share with you!

Today, I’m going to show you the mudroom.

Some info on the room: As I’ve previously mentioned, our apartment is a combination of two adjacent units. What we use as a mudroom was originally the kitchen for the smaller of the two units; we use the kitchen in the larger unit for its original purpose. The mudroom serves as a much-needed drop-off zone and staging area for our coats, shoes, sports equipment and backpacks. The location, opening on to the back stairwell, is convenient, because we are on a low floor of our building and prefer using the back stairs rather than the passenger elevator. Our kitchen has an entrance on the same stairwell, a few feet across the stairwell landing, and it is relatively convenient to go back and forth between the rooms. This proximity between the mudroom and our kitchen is helpful, because the mudroom is also adjacent to our formal dining room, so we use it as a second kitchen when we entertain. When we made the kitchen-to-mudroom transformation, we kept the kitchen appliances—it is wonderful having them, especially at holiday times, because cooking  with two ovens and cleaning up with two dishwashers makes things more manageable! The extra refrigerator gets the most use of all.

This is one of the few rooms in our apartment for which I have “before” pictures, so this is an exciting room to share.

So, drumroll, please


That red wall took MANY coats of paint to cover it!


What we kept: Basically everything. We kept the appliances, the wood-looking laminate floors, the cabinets and the grey laminate countertops.

What we changed: With the exception of the lighting, everything I changed was with paint. I did the painting myself. My goal was to lighten the space, because this room gets almost no natural light and faces the dreary fire escape and back of the building. I also wanted to unify the space with our main kitchen, and that called for white cabinets, bamboo shades and light blue walls.

The biggest part of the kitchen-to-mudroom transformation project was painting the oak cabinets white. I had no experience with that, but I was determined to figure it out. A helpful worker at our neighborhood Benjamin Moore paint store told me exactly what to do, what paint to use and what type of rollers and other equipment I would need; I just bought everything he recommended and followed his directions. I took the hardware off all the cabinet doors, took the doors off and sanded them, and then used the primer and top-coat paint that the salesman recommended (sadly, I can’t remember the color specification). It was a lot of work, especially putting all the cabinet doors and hardware back on, but it wasn’t difficult, and I was pleased with the transformation:


After covering the red wall with several coats of primer, I painted all the walls a beautiful shade of blue/grey/green called Sweet Dreams (847) by Benjamin Moore. The color is so soothing—I absolutely love it, and it makes me cheerful when I enter the space. More recently, I removed the fronts of several of the cabinets to make open shelving and painted the backs of the cabinet in the same blue as the walls:


Now, let’s move on to the fun part–more photos!




I added hooks for coats and a bench for putting on shoes. The shelves pictured below hold baskets for our hats, mittens and other outdoor gear. Each family member has his or her own basket.

DSC02457 (1).jpg


I might add that the mudroom is never this neat and tidy. I removed several armloads of coats, hats, scarves, bags, boots and shoes, and a large and overflowing basket of sports gear, before taking these photos!

See you tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Mudroom

  1. What a magical transformation! I don’t know how the previous owners could bear such a dark kitchen. . . Your results are beautiful.


  2. The color is so soothing and cheery. I love it (may have to steal it for one of my rooms). You did an outstanding job on the cabinets. That is one time consuming tough job. I bet those are calendar framed photos…I love what you did. It’s absolutely gorgeous!


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