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Adding Artwork to Our Foyer

Our elevator foyer had never seemed quite “finished” to me, but not for lack of effort and attention. I had changed the paint, rug and mirror and changed the upholstery and added pillows on the bench. I liked it, but I never loved it. Here is how the foyer looked until a few days ago.

Recently, I was looking for something in the drawer of my secretary desk and came across a set of five unframed prints that I had purchased for $1 each at an estate sale in New York state a few summers ago. The prints are of small pen-and-ink drawings, filled in with watercolors, of the Great Wall of China during the different seasons of the year. At the time I acquired the prints, I had not thought of a place to display them, so I just hid them away and forgot about them.


Upon re-discovering the prints this past weekend, I decided to frame them and thought that I might hang them in the living room by the secretary desk–but, once I framed them, they looked too small for the living room. When I walked by the foyer, I realized that the frames I had chosen for the prints looked a lot like the mirror frame in the foyer. When I placed the framed prints next to the mirror, I knew immediately that I had found their new home.

Since I like symmetrical and balanced arrangements, I used only four of the five prints, putting two on each side of the mirror. Here is what it looks like now:



View from the inside of the elevator



Don’t you think the space looks better? I couldn’t be happier. It’s a pleasure to walk through the foyer now and feel like the space is finally finished (at least for now!).

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