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DIY: Painting a Large-Scale Abstract

In yesterday’s Tuesday Tour, I shared our music room with you. On the wall by the piano you may have noticed an abstract painting. I wasn’t sure what to put on that big, blank wall, so I decided to see if I could paint something to fit the space. This painting was the result of that attempt.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, an artist. As an art history major in college, I had to take one class in studio art to graduate, and my grade in that class was the worst I got during my four undergraduate years. So if I can paint an abstract, anyone can!

Even though I am not good at painting, I enjoy it. I love mixing colors, and I like the freedom and spontaneity of painting abstractly. I have produced several paintings since this one, but this is the only one that I have liked well enough to frame and hang.


Perhaps my affinity for abstract painting arises from my lacking the skill to paint anything realistic. In this case, I  wanted the painting to convey serenity and evoke the sky, sand, and ocean. The colors of the room and the subject matter dictated the colors I wanted for the painting:  blues, greens, yellows, and tans. To begin, I went to Michaels and found a suitably large canvas. While there, I purchased tubes of acrylic paints in colors that I wanted to use, and I bought lots of extra white paint, because I knew I would need to use it to mix new, lighter colors and shades that I couldn’t purchase. I used paint brushes that I had at home for painting rooms and raided my daughter’s art sets for a few more.

This is the brand of paint I purchased

I started mixing colors on paper plates and started applying the paint to the canvas with horizontal, curvy brushstrokes. There was no plan; I just kept mixing new colors and adding them to the painting as I went along. If I didn’t like a new addition, I waited for it to dry (acrylics dry very quickly) and then painted right over it.


I finished the bulk of the work on the painting in a few hours, but I made some further tweaks here and there over the course of a few days. After it dried thoroughly, I had the painting professionally framed.

Have a good day!

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