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DIY: My Favorite Calendar Pages for Framing

In yesterday’s Tuesday Tour, I shared our guest bathroom with you. On the walls you might have noticed some framed bird prints, which were taken from an old calendar. I framed them myself.


I framed other prints from the same calendar for our master bathroom (below).


The calendar that was the source of these prints was made by Cavallini & Co. Cavallini & Co. calendars are my absolute favorite for framing. Their images are vintage-inspired and beautiful. They use thick, high-quality paper, the colors are amazing, and the size fits perfectly in the frame for a standard 11″ x 14″ print. There are many gorgeous calendars to choose from including: birds,flowers,vintage maps, old travel posters, and curiosities.


Here is a link to Cavallini & Co. site where you can order these calendars and other paper products.

I purchased the frames at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

I also framed a pair of images from the same bird calendar in the small hallway outside the guest bathroom.


My friend just gave me a 2014 Cavallini calendar of great, vintage New York images.



I am thinking that the pages from this calendar would make for a fabulous gallery wall in my son’s room or maybe in the new office.

There are so many possibilities with these calendars! It is difficult to choose just one.



5 thoughts on “DIY: My Favorite Calendar Pages for Framing

  1. This is a wonderful source — thanks so much! It inspires me to do something with the unsightly almost-bare wall in my office. Let’s see if I can follow through!


  2. Love the idea of using high grade calendar pages to frame! I’m inspired to frame some pictures from my favorite calendar by the Motawi Tileworks.


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