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DIY: Dried Fern Prints

As you tour our apartment, you are likely to spot botanical images on display. I use them in most rooms, because they make me happy. Plants and flowers in any form add life and natural beauty to a room. In yesterday’s master bedroom tour, you may have noticed a set of what might have appeared to be fern botanical prints on the wall behind the arm chair. Those are actually ferns that I picked in the woods in Vermont last summer and dried and framed.


This really couldn’t be a simpler or less expensive project, and I love the results.  This is what I did:  After picking the ferns, I placed each one between two sheets of wax paper. I then sandwiched each wax-paper-covered fern between two large books (large enough that the fern did not extend past the edge of either book cover), one underneath the fern and one on top of the fern and added lots of heavy books to the top of the stack to provide additional weight to flatten the fern.




I left each fern to flatten under its stack of books for a week. Next, I  carefully removed the dried fern from the wax paper and placed it, centered, on a piece of heavy large watercolor paper that I purchased at an art supply store. I then used a small paint brush and brushed the fern gently with Mod Podge . (The Mod Podge essentially acts like a glue and gives the fern a glossy appearance. You can find Mod Podge at an art store, Target, Michaels, or Walmart; do not use regular glue, as it it will turn the fern brown). Once the brushed-on Mod Podge was dry, the fern was  ready to frame. I used inexpensive black frames from Michaels for my prints.




A large set of these ferns would be really pretty on a stairway wall. Here are some lovely rooms incorporating fern art:

The Inspired Room
The Cottage Market
An Extraordinary Day
Habitually Chic

Aren’t those pretty?

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