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Tuesday Tour: Our Master Bedroom

Today, I am going to share our master bedroom with you. A good thing about vintage apartments is that they tend to have large bedrooms; a bad thing is that the closets and adjoining bathrooms tend to be small! I painted our master bedroom Benjamin Moore’s Harbor Haze (2136-60), which is a soothing and restful light blue-grey. I used pops of tan (gingham comforter and upholstery) and green (bedside lamps, throw rug, and pillows) as accent colors throughout the room.


There is a lot of dark wood in this room–the antique side tables, antique dressers, and sleigh bed–so, to promote a serene and uplifting atmosphere, I kept everything else light, including the paint, wool sisal rug, simple bamboo shades and bedding. I am eager to replace the bed with a simple upholstered linen headboard which I think would help to further lighten the space, but that will require some negotiating with my husband!




Because our master bedroom closet is small, we have three large dressers in the room (two are mine!). The antique dressers and side tables were purchased at antique stores and auctions in Chicago and Vermont.





I style the tops of the dressers and side tables with a mixture of thrift and antique store finds, natural treasures (bird nests, shells, feathers, and plants), books, and photos.




Thanks for stopping by today! Tomorrow I will share with you a simple DIY project from this room.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Our Master Bedroom

  1. Thanks for following my blog! I just started reading through some of your posts and I think your apartment is just incredible! And those antique dressers are absolutely gorgeous. Looking forward to continuing to see your posts.


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