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Swinging Chairs

For the last year or more, my 13-year-old daughter has been asking for a swinging chair for her bedroom. She has never sat in one, but believes that it would be the most comfortable and fun piece of furniture that she could ever have. Other than the seat at her desk, she doesn’t have a chair in her room, because there is no space for one. Making room for any kind of chair would require some serious rearrangement and drastic purging of toys. My daughter claims she is ready to do both.

I am very practical, and my instinct is to provide her with a comfortable slipcovered arm chair that would be perfect for reading and could be used elsewhere in the apartment if desired. I was thinking something like this Jennylund Chair from Ikea. I could get a slipcover made to match her room or use the standard white slipcover that Ikea provides with the chair. This, however, this is not what my girl has in mind.

She has her heart set on a swinging chair. She assembled the pictures below to show me what she likes.

Decor Pad
Atlanta Homes
Decor Pad
Sarah Sherman Samuel
Pop Sugar



My Domaine

I can definitely see the appeal–those chairs do look fun. I still have questions about functionality, though. Are they actually comfortable? The ones that have sheepskins in them look cozy–but would you want to spend hours reading in one? Are they comfortable for adults? Are they difficult to install?

In the meantime, my daughter has done some sourcing for these chairs. The one that you tend to see the most is this one from  Serena and Lily (see pictures below). It comes in both white and natural rattan and is pricey.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 7.47.01 AM.png

Hanging chairs are also available at Pier One, where they are less expensive.

If you have any experience with these chairs, could you please let me know your thoughts?   I would really appreciate your feedback!



4 thoughts on “Swinging Chairs

  1. Can you find a store where she can actually try sitting in one? They do look nice but it would be good to have a trial run — take along a book!


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