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Tuesday Tour: Our Kitchen

Today I am going to share our kitchen with you.   I think I am like many people–I have hundreds of saved images of my dream kitchen but the reality is something else entirely!   Our kitchen predates our move to the apartment 17 years ago–it is probably 25 years old or so, and to most it might be considered a gut-job, but with some very minor changes it really works well for us.   Despite all the things that I am dying to change (the Formica counters top the list, followed by the tile flooring, and then the lighting!), I think it is a very cheerful and happy space for our family and until the kids are out of college and we can take on a renovation, I have vowed to embrace and appreciate it (warts and all)!

The owners of the apartment before us removed the wall between the kitchen and dining room (we use it as a family room) so that there is one open space connecting the kitchen, butler’s pantry and family room.    Here is a view from the family room looking at the kitchen:


There is a lot of white in this kitchen which I love, but to break it up a bit I recently painted the walls in both the kitchen and family room this pretty blue called Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.  Although the colors of the kitchen are primarily blue and white I add apple green accents whenever I can.

I took 3 of the upper cabinet doors off last year and I love the look and functionality of open shelving.    All our everyday dishes and glassware are stored there and it is so much more convenient and efficient without the doors.

The door leads to the maid’s room which we use as a home office.  It is generally a mess which is why the door is closed!


Below is a view looking the other direction.  The back door of the apartment is there leading to the garbage, service elevator, and stairs.


A look at the former butler’s pantry:


For an apartment kitchen, we have a ton of storage and for that I am grateful!

Thanks for coming along for today’s tour.  Next week on the Tuesday Tour I will share our attached family room with you.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Our Kitchen

  1. This is a very cool and helpful blog, Elizabeth! I look forward to the following Tuesday’s blogs! I love your kitchen!

    Maria told me about your blogs and I have forwarded the information to Cindy and Sharon!

    I hope to have a chance to see your beautiful apartment some day!

    Let me know the next time you are in VT! God Bless! ❤️


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