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Shop Stylings: A Visit to Restoration Hardware

The newest Restoration Hardware store in Chicago is found in an unlikely place. Situated in one of the city’s prettiest and most historic residential neighborhoods, called the Gold Coast, amid beautiful old brownstones, it occupies a grand, historic brick building called the Three Arts Club. The Three Arts Club was founded in the early 20th century as a residence for women studying art, music, and theater. The building had fallen into disrepair over the last couple of decades, and Restoration Hardware did an outstanding job refurbishing and preserving it and turning it into a one-of-a-kind retail and dining space.

On the outside of the Three Arts Club building, there is almost no signage, and it would be very easy to miss the store. The boxwood gardens along the North Dearborn Street side of the building are simple and beautiful.




I love the patterned edge on the floor of the entrance foyer (above).


When you enter the building you immediately realize that this will not be a typical shopping experience! Room after room displays furniture designed for lounging. Although everything is for sale, you see very few price tags, and I never saw a cash register.

There are several floors in the building–my favorite was the one dedicated to children’s furnishings.  While the rooms on other floors tended to be very neutral, there was a little bit of color in the children’s rooms, which I loved.



Those framed dresses (above) are actually made from folded paper maps! They are fabulous.


The pendant light fixtures throughout store are incredible. Although the furnishings tend to be simple, those lights are mostly oversized and bold.





They even have a fabulous rooftop patio, but of course it is closed in the winter. They do have an adjacent sun room full of their pretty outdoor furnishings.

There is a design atelier where you can work with a designer to pick out rugs, upholstery, and furnishings.


DSC01875.JPGIn my opinion,the best part of the experience is the cafe. It is the most beautiful space for lunch. With its vaulted glass ceiling, huge trees and gorgeous planters, fountains, and   comfortable RH furniture, it is a very special environment. You feel like you are dining outside in a lovely garden.  (The food is good, too!).


A banquette!


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Shop Stylings. If you find yourself in Chicago I highly recommend a visit. I would gladly meet you there for lunch!

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