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Tuesday Tour: Our Guest Bedroom

On today’s Tuesday Tour, I am going to share our guest bedroom. This room is the sunniest  and cheeriest room in the apartment–if it had an attached bathroom and a bigger closet, I would turn it into our master bedroom in a heartbeat. It is painted in Benjamin Moore’s Jack in the Beanstalk (442). I love the color–it is a pretty blueish green and makes for a very serene and relaxing space. The color scheme is green, pink, and white. I generally try to decorate a room with three colors. Green is the dominant color in this room, and white and pink are used as accent colors.



I left the room sparsely furnished to create a coastal cottage feel. The white painted furniture (including another chair I rescued from our building’s dumpster!), the white mattelasse bedding and floral quilt, the botanical watercolor and prints, the pretty embroidered sampler made by my mother-in-law, and simple slipcovered chair and headboard add to the cottage feel.


I made the headboard myself, thinking it would be a temporary solution until I found one that I really liked, but it has been on the bed for almost 10 years, and I am rather attached to it now. I bought a piece of plywood at the Home Depot and glued to it a piece of foam from JoAnn’s that I cut to size. I then wrapped a piece of Waverly fabric over the foam and stapled it onto the plywood backing. The headboard isn’t attached to the bed–I just pushed the bed frame up against it, and it doesn’t seem to move.



I hope you enjoyed this week’s tour. See you tomorrow!

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