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The Look for Less: Gold Elephant Figurine DIY

header image from  M Street Denver

Lots of adorable small gold elephant statues have been popping up in interiors for a bit now and I thought it would be nice to incorporate one into our apartment. Elephant figurines are often displayed in Asian-inspired rooms, which is probably why I like them.   When I started looking at options I was a bit disappointed because of the prices.  As often happens, things are more expensive than you hoped, and you rethink and wait. The statue that I kept seeing was this one (below) from Dwell Studio, and it retails for around $50.

Dwell Studio elephant
Tempo da Delicadeza
The Every Girl

One day while walking through the aisles of Target, I saw this white ceramic elephant for $4.99 and realized that, with a few coats of gold paint, it would be perfect. I found this metallic 20K gold acrylic paint at Target, for $2. It is more of a matte finish than the shiny Dwell Studio one, but I like it just as well. My daughter loved doing the painting for the project — we just applied a few coats of paint until the elephant was fully covered and the white didn’t show through, and then we let it dry. We have both enjoyed moving the elephant around our apartment. Here is our version of the formerly-white ceramic elephant:



Don’t you think he is cute?

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 5.48.13 PM.png


Above is a picture of the two elephants side by side. They look different, but I think they are equally nice!

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