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Winter Whites: My Favorite Neutral and Natural Living Rooms

Header image by Lauren Liess

I enjoy decorating the apartment for Christmas. It is the one time of the year when excessive decorating is okay, and that is fun–at least briefly. After the holidays, when all the decorations come down I love how empty and clean the space feels.  Although I adore color, when January comes, I gravitate towards neutral rooms, especially those filled with natural elements. I think this preference for neutral and natural things in January comes from the barrenness of winter and the commercial and artificial excesses of the holiday.  This time of year I long for pure, simple, and natural surroundings–but still layered and interesting.

Here are some living rooms that I am finding appealing right now. Notice that they all have white walls, beige upholstery, and neutral window treatments–a combination that often leads to very dull rooms, but in these cases the results are anything but boring.

Southern Living

I love all the touches of green, the tortoise shell and wooden bowl of pinecones on the console table, the logs in the basket, the jute rug, the styling of the mantle, and the mix of old and new throughout.

Better Homes and Gardens

A neutral room with a few pops of blue and white.

Lauren Liess

This is perfection. The few touches of green, the gallery wall of natural curiosities, and those rattan chairs–all great.

Southern Living

Soothing and sophisticated.

Better Homes and Gardens

Such pretty pillows and textiles, and I love all the wood touches and homemade looking pottery. Those dogs are adorable too!

Amber Interiors
Studio McGee
Studio McGee

I hope you enjoyed these neutral and natural living rooms. See you tomorrow for my next Tuesday Tour!

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