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Shop Stylings: A Visit to the Ralph Lauren Store


I found myself on Michigan Avenue this weekend with some time to kill and decided to pop into the Ralph Lauren store.   It has been a while since I’ve been inside and I had forgotten how incredible the store is visually.   It really is breathtaking and I am always completely stunned by how gorgeous the environment is.   When you enter the door you are transported to another world and feel like you are on a movie set of a grand English country estate.

There are so many classic design features that I love:  the blue and white vases, the rich oriental rugs, the mahogany wood used throughout, and the abundance of antique oil portraits and prints.


Even the back staircase is fabulous with its grasscloth covered walls and incredible collection of equestrian art and memorabilia.



The elevator foyer is stunning too.


I was ready to spend the day lounging in this incredible space.  The symmetry in the arrangement is lovely.


Since I am partial to animal prints, I was pretty taken with this zebra print mirror and the faux fur pillows too.


If you find yourself in Chicago, I highly recommend a quick trip to the store.   I also suggest a visit to the Ralph Lauren restaurant next door.   The interior is equally sumptuous and you will feel like you are dining in an exclusive club. Enjoy!

Photo from here

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